Celebrating student engagement

There has not been an accurate measure of the progress made in student engagement for some years, nor any attempt to articulate the successes achieved and challenges that remain.

As such, sparqs has undertaken an extensive piece of research throughout the sector into how student engagement has changed, forming the basis of two reports - one each for the university and college sectors.

Our main aim has been to celebrate the tremendous achievements of staff and students in recent years in developing student engagement. As such the reports describe the major changes and highlight some excellent case studies across the sector, though they also suggest priorities for the future.

The full college and university sector celebration reports are available below to download, as well as the Executive Summaries of both reports. 

College Celebration Report (Full Report)  -  click here for printable layout

University Celebration Report (Full Report) - click here for printable layout

College Celebration Report (Executive Summary)

University Celebration Report (Executive Summary)


2005 mapping reports

The last major research into student engagement on this scale undertaken by sparqs was in 2005. It is interesting to see the differences in the sector over those seven or eight years, and so for reference you can download both the FE Mapping Report and the HE Mapping Report.

Student engagement has become an ever more important part of the quality landscape in Scotland’s universities and colleges in recent years – forming a major pillar of the Quality Enhancement Framework, being a crucial element of internal and external review and articulated in the nationally agreed Student Engagement Framework for Scotland.

Student Engagement Framework

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