About us

sparqs (student partnerships in quality Scotland) is an agency which, as our name suggests, puts students at the heart of decisions being made about the quality and governance of the learning experience.

sparqs was founded in 2003 and gained charitable status in December 2015. We are funded by the Scottish Funding Council to advance education by promoting an environment where students are able to make a positive and rewarding difference to their own and others' educational experience.  We support students to shape the nature of their learning and contribute to the overall success of learning provision, regardless of wherever and however they learn.

Originally named 'student participation in quality Scotland', in May 2015, we announced a small but meaningful change to our name, changing 'participation' to 'partnerships' reflecting the progress made in the sector since the inception of sparqs.  The change did not involve a rebrand, rather a phasing in of our new name 'student partnerships in quality Scotland'. 

View our short About sparqs leaflet for an overview of our purpose, principles and values, and key work areas. 

On the following pages you can find out about our strategic direction, our governance, and how we work.


Student Engagement Framework

Academic Representation Co-ordinators’ Network Meeting

29 Nov 2017

This first Academic Representation Coordinators’ network meeting of the 2017-18 academic year will include a major…