12 Apr 2024

Tertiary Quality Enhancement Framework (TQEF) briefing webpage for students, officers and SA staff

sparqs has been working closely with the Scottish Funding Council on the Tertiary Quality Project and the co-creation of Scotland’s Tertiary Quality Enhancement Framework (TQEF), which is the new approach to quality assurance and enhancement for Scotland’s colleges and universities.

To provide more information about the TQEF, sparqs has supported the SFC to prepare a TQEF briefing webpage for students, student officers and students’ association staff on the origins and development of the TQEF. 

You can view the TQEF briefing webpage on the SFC website, which outlines the following: 

  • Scotland's approach to student engagement in quality.
  • Scotland's TQEF - the journey so far...
  • How can you get involved? 
  • Student Learning Experience model.
  • Self-Evaluation and Action Plan (SEAP).
  • Development of the external peer review cycle and national approach to enhancement. 

We would encourage you to read and share the SFC briefing webpage, which provides information on how you can get involved and help shape the future of the TQEF, through sparqs' Tertiary Quality Student Expert Group (TQSEG). 

If you have any queries, please contact Megan Brown, Senior Development Consultant - megan.brown@sparqs.ac.uk

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