11 Jul 2013

Creating the Future: Students' Associations & College Partnerships

On Wednesday 21 August, Partnerships for Change is holding a major conference entitled Creating the Future: Students’ Associations and College Partnerships. The conference is an exciting opportunity for elected student officers, senior staff, and anyone within the sector with an interest and investment in the potential and the future of Scotland’s college students’ associations.

It will be held at the University of Strathclyde Students' Association. You are welcome to view the programme here.

Share your thoughts on Twitter

In the run-up to and throughout the conference, we will be tweeting via the Partnerships for Change Twitter account at @PartnershipsfC. The event hashtag will is #ctf13.

We will also be generating discussion around the conference about each of the principles highlighted by the Griggs report - namely that students' associations should be sustainable, autonomous and appropriately funded - and the concept of partnership. Take part in the discussion via dedicated Twitter hashtags:

  • #ctf13sust –what does a sustainable students' association mean?
  • #ctf13auto – what does an autonomous students' association mean?
  • #ctf13fund – what does an appropriately funded students' association mean?
  • #ctf13partners – what does partnership mean for colleges and students' associations?

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