28 Nov 2017

Consultation on the future of the UK Quality Code – open until Wednesday 13th December 2017

The UK-wide Standing Committee for Quality Assessment (UKSCQA) which oversees the aspects of the quality arrangements which are shared across the UK, has recently launched a consultation to review the UK Quality Code.

In 2012 the UK Quality Code was developed by staff, students and other stakeholders from across the UK as a nationally-agreed document that would define and outline the expectations all UK HE institutions are required to meet in relation to learning and teaching. The standards set out in the Quality Code provide a reference point for our quality system in Scotland and as part of the ELIR process, institutions have to demonstrate how they meet the Quality Code’s expectations.

The recently-published consultation document sets out proposals for a more “accessible” and “streamlined” Quality Code. There is a move to an outcome rather than process approach and the expectations have been substantially truncated. The proposals represent a considerable change which may have many implications for the Scottish Sector, not least in the area of Student Engagement. The proposals include what appears to be a significant downgrading in the status of student engagement. We are very concerned to see that in the suggested new format, student engagement is not considered to be an ‘Expectation’ for institutions. While feedback from students is featured as a ‘Core Practice’, this falls far short of the meaningful partnership between students and their institutions we value and aspire to at Scottish HEIs.

The deadline to submit responses to the consultation is midnight on Wednesday 13th December 2017. Given the implications of the intended changes to student engagement, students’ associations are encouraged to submit responses to the consultation, either individually or jointly with their institutions.

Please contact Eve Lewis, Director of sparqs, for further information – eve.lewis@sparqs.ac.uk

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