Latest sparqs Headlines - 2024

Our recruitment for 2024-25 Associate Trainers is now open! 05 Apr 2024

sparqs' 2024-25 Associate Trainer recruitment is open for applications - deadline 9.00am, Monday 20th May 2024!  Calling all student reps! Do you have experience as a course/apprentice or other representative role? Will you be a student or apprentice during 2024-25? ....if so, and you would… Read More

Understanding the art of blending - publication of a new report 29 Feb 2024

We are pleased to announce the publication of a pioneering report on designing and delivering an effective and inclusive digital/blended learning offering in Scotland’s colleges and universities, the result of a joint ‘Tertiary Enhancement Topic’ project, instigated by the SFC and… Read More

Interview with Ellie Garraway and Jon Down, Grit: Breakthrough Programmes 25 Jan 2024

In this interview, we talk to Ellie Garraway and Jon Down, CEO and Director of Development respectively, at Grit: Breakthrough Programmes, a UK charity working across many levels of education to promote belonging, ownership and engagement in learning. Ellie has worked… Read More

Update on quality arrangements for colleges 2023-24 17 Jan 2024

While the sector continues to work on a joint approach to quality for colleges and universities, for the current academic year (2023-24) quality arrangements continue to be separate. sparqs has been supporting institutions and students’ associations through these changes, ensuring students… Read More

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Student Engagement Framework

Planning for the year ahead

8 May 2024

sparqs’ Joint Advisory Group (JAG) will meet on 8th May 2024 with the National Education Officers’…