Student Engagement Framework

Student engagement is a fundamental to universities and colleges - whether in learning and teaching, quality processes or governance. But what precisely does the term mean in reality, and what is the implication of student engagement for practice across the sector?

Developing a framework

In 2011 sparqs undertook extensive research among staff and students in different roles in universities and colleges, to discover the different perceptions of student engagement.

The result was A Student Engagement Framework for Scotland, a document endorsed and owned by all the sector agencies and representative bodies in the university and college sector.

The framework consists of five key elements of student engagement, and six features of effective student engagement. It offers a coherent and detailed way of understanding student engagement that can be helpful to institutions and students' associations as they attempt to develop and plan their student engagement activities.

Explore the framework

We have developed an interactive pdf of the framework in which you can find out more about the details of each of the key elements and the features.  If you want to copy any parts of the text in the framework you can use this selectable text version.

We have also collated a series of resources from across the sector, such as toolkits and research publications, which generate questions and ideas relating to each of the elements and features. You can find these below.

The Five Key Elements of Student Engagement

  1. Students feeling part of a supportive institution
  2. Students engaging in their own learning
  3. Students working with their institution in shaping the direction of learning
  4. Formal mechanisms for quality and governance
  5. Influencing the student experience at national level

Features of Effective Student Engagement

  1. A culture of engagement
  2. Students as partners
  3. Responding to diversity
  4. Valuing the student contribution
  5. Focus on enhancement and change
  6. Appropriate resources and support
Student Engagement Framework

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