2011 Conference

Our 2011 National Conference on Student Engagement took place at Heriot-Watt University on 31st March 2011. We received very positive reactions to the organisation, content and experience of the conference for guests.

The conference showcased a wide range of excellent examples of effective practice in the field of student engagement.


You can access the presentations from the conference by following the relevant links below.

Session 1.1: Student Engagement Toolkit, NUS UK

Session 1.2: Lighting up Learning, Scotland's Colleges and sparqs

Session 1.3: Working in partnership to enhance the student learning experience, Heriot-Watt University

Session 1.4: Student engagement at the Open University

Session 1.5: How student engagement looks to students, Nick Berg

Session 2.1: sparqs staff development workshop

Session 2.2: Summit's going on in learner engagement, James Watt College

Session 2.3: Multiple dimensions of student engagement, Vicki Trowler (no presentation involved)

Session 2.4: Student engagement in times of crisis, NUS Scotland

Session 2.5: Enhanced representative training, Edinburgh Napier University

Session 3.1: Learner engagement at Ayr College

Session 3.2: Class rep forum, Aberdeen University Students' Association

Session 3.3: Building blogs, Glasgow Caledonian University

Session 3.4: Developing and making use of collective and individual student voices, sparqs (no presentation involved)

Session 3.5: Engaging international students, NUS Scotland & sparqs

Student Engagement Framework

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