European Conferences

We engage widely with agencies and institutions across Europe, and have frequently attended and presented at Europe-wide conferences and been invited to contribute to events at national levels.

In September 2017 we were invited by the Austrian Quality Management Network to deliver a workshop at a conference in Vienna on ‘The Future of Education and Labor: Students in Focus’.

In November 2016 sparqs were invited by the European Students’ Union (ESU) to deliver a workshop at an HE and SU Governance Seminar in Gdansk, Poland.

We were invited to present a keynote session in Dublin in June 2015 at the Student Led Learning National Symposium: What Works… retention, student engagement and learners transition to Further and Higher Education.  The session was around how we can further develop the role of students in enhancing the Student Learning Experience.  You can read the twitter feed from the event at #2015SLL

In July 2015 we delivered a workshop on the importance of student feedback at the International Conference on Improving University Teaching (IUT) in Slovenia. The sparqs workshop asked participants to consider the purpose of feedback and its potential value to the quality of the learning and teaching process.  You can read the twitter feed from the conference at #IUT2015


We regularly attend and contribute to the annual conferences of EQAF, the European Quality Assurance Forum, presenting on topics such as the importance of student engagement to Scotland's quality enhancement framework and on the student role in university reviews.

We are currently looking forward to attending the 2017 EQAF conference in Latvia. The theme of the conference is 'Responsible QA – committing to impact'. 

In November 2016 we attended the 2016 EQAF conference in Slovenia, with the theme of "Quality in Context - embedding improvement".   We also attended the 2015 EQAF conference which took place in London with the theme of “Taking stock and looking forward”. 

At EQAF's 2014 conference in Barcelona in November 2014, sparqs and HEA Scotland presented a workshop about our joint project on engaging students in embedding equality and diversity in curriculum design. The presentations and recordings of both Plenary Sessions, plus the presentations and papers presented during the breakout sessions are all available on the EQAF website. 


In April 2015 we presented a session on 'Building Successful Student Partnerships' at the 25th Annual EURASHE conference in Portugal. All the materials from the conference can be found on the EURASHE conference webpages. 

Student Engagement Framework

Academic Representation Co-ordinators' Network Meeting

27 Nov 2018

Our first Academic Representation Co-ordinators’ network meeting of the 2018-19 academic year will focus strongly on…