5 October 2023

Planning for the year ahead


On the afternoon of Thursday 5th October 2023, sparqs’ Joint Advisory Group (JAG) met together with the National Education Officers’ Network (NEON) and Student Engagement Staff Network (SESN) to explore significant pieces of work for the year ahead, as well as reflect on the journey of student engagement over the last 20 years and identify future challenges.

The ongoing Tertiary Quality Project presents significant opportunities for student engagement in quality. With a busy year ahead, this event offered the opportunity to shape the key pieces of work sparqs will be delivering and influencing over the year ahead. Ahead of the evening’s celebration of sparqs 20th birthday, we also took some time to reflect on our journey with the sector in supporting the role of students in quality and imagine what the future might look like.

All members from the three forums (JAG, NEON and SESN) were invited to attend, building on the feedback and reflections from the previous strategic planning day in May 2023.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our planning processes so far! 


The meeting began at 2.00pm and finished by 5.00pm, following which dinner was provided for those staying on for our 20th birthday event celebrations and Student Engagement Awards ceremony which took place at the same venue from 6pm until 8pm. 


If you have any queries, please contact Eve Lewis, Director (eve.lewis@sparqs.ac.uk) or Nicola Cameron, Business Manager (nicola.cameron@sparqs.ac.uk).



This is a chargeable event, with the following pricing options:

'Planning for the year ahead' meeting only£0.00
'Planning for the year ahead' meeting + 20th birthday and Awards event£0.00

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