28 October 2014

Enhancement Themes Event


This event was hosted by sparqs, on the new Enhancement Theme: Student Transitions.  The event was for student officers who have Enhancement Themes as part of their role and students’ association staff.

It was a chance to learn more about the new Theme of Student Transitions, discuss ideas and create plans for collaborative projects around the Theme. The event also looked at how attendees can help shape their institutions' plans for the Theme, as well as national plans which are imminent.

Event aims: 

  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the new Theme of Student Transitions.
  • To help develop practical and collaborative ways to engage with the Theme.

Thank you to all of the participants who contributed to the success of the event. We are looking forward to supporting students to take forward some of the project ideas discussed at the event. You can also view the sparqs presentation from the day and QAA’s presentation on the new Theme.

If you want to discuss anything related to the event or the Enhancement Themes please contact Hannah Clarke - hannah.clarke@sparqs.ac.uk 


The Enhancement Themes are topics that all Scottish universities focus on at the same time, to try to make the quality of their teaching – and your learning experience – even better. Each university does some work on the Theme in their own learning and teaching provision, and they all come together to share what they’ve learned with each other. In this way, everyone can work together to improve the Scottish university sector.

The Enhancement Themes are co-ordinated by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education Scotland (QAA). The current Theme is called ‘Student Transitions’. This means that until June 2017, all Scottish universities are considering the student learner journey and the transitions involved, from before you start your course all the way through to employment and further study.

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