Our strategic direction

We are currently finalising our next 3-year Strategic Plan, which will be launched at the sparqs conference in March 2019. The new plan continues much of the work in the previous plan, revised and refreshed to reflect the current needs of the sector. 

In the meantime, our previous plan can be viewed below....

Strategic Plan for 2013-18

The plan describes how sparqs will help students, students’ associations, institutions and sector agencies to meet the current challenges within the sector and those of the future and use the student voice to ensure the quality of the experience of all students is the best it can be.

We strive to be innovative and responsive with our resources. By involving students and other service users in the design and delivery of our services, we ensure that we continue to use our resources effectively.

Our vision is of:

Students making a positive and rewarding difference to their own and others’ educational experience, helping shape the nature of learning and contributing to the overall success of Scotland’s universities and colleges.

To make this vision a reality, our mission is to:

Ensure that students are able to engage as partners at all levels of quality assurance and enhancement activities, including:

  • Commenting on, improving and shaping their own learning experience.
  • Taking an active part in formal student engagement mechanisms, including quality assurance and enhancement processes and strategic decision making.
  • Shaping the development of the student experience at a national level.

These three areas of our mission correspond to three of the five key elements described in the nationally-agreed Student Engagement Framework for Scotland.

To achieve our mission we develop services and activities under four Strategic Aims, around which this website is designed:

  1. Support students to engage at all levels in enhancing their educational experience.
  2. Support the development of practices and activities in institutions and their students’ associations that encourage and support student engagement.
  3. Support student engagement with national sector agencies and policy developments.
  4. Support the development of a culture of student engagement across Scotland.

This work is supported by a range of systems and practices and underpinned by key values and approaches. Read more about them in our Strategic Plan for 2013-18.

Student Engagement Framework

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