Staff development

Student engagement - and learning and teaching broadly - is an ongoing partnership between staff and students. This partnership requires a conversation about how to improve the quality of the learning experience, and both partners in that conversation require support to effective engage in it.

To support students to engage in this conversation, we provide a range of training and events for not just students but also different levels of student representative. You can find out more about this in the Supporting Students section of our website.

But we also support staff to engage with students. For example, we have a staff workshop on student engagement in quality, the materials for which were revised in early 2016.  The workshop can be delivered by sparqs, or alternatively institutions are welcome to download the materials and deliver their own sessions.

In addition, we offer a specific workshop that helps staff to understand the Student Engagement Framework and how they can use it to reflect on their own practice.

Working with institutions and staff development practitioners we are developing opportunities to engage with staff who are engaged in teaching qualifications in the college and university sectors. In 2015-16 year we facilitated a session on student engagement for a cohort of TQFE students from across the college sector and in discussions about extending our offer for academic year 2016-17. We are also in discussion with universities about input to their PG Teaching and Learning programmes. Additionally, we are working with the College Development Network on the development of resources and a webinar on student engagement for their Management and Leadership CDP Framework.

We also work with the College Development Network on its support for college board members.

Finally, we have introduced an academic representation co-ordinators' network from 2016-17 onwards, which provides learning, information and development opportunities to staff  in institutions or students' associations who support academic representation. This network will involve three events a year, and details about it can be found here.

For more information about any of these areas of work, please contact David Scott.

Student Engagement Framework

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