Enhancing course rep activities

We are committed to supporting institutions to improve their student engagement activities and mechanisms. Course reps and course systems are fundamental to an institution’s ability to enhance learning and teaching.

Part of this support is about the training that is provided to course reps, but there is more that can be done at the institutional level in terms of systems, procedures, polices and activities that ensures that reps play an integral part of the enhancement agenda.

We aim to draw together our support in this area into a combined toolkit, but in the meantime various individual resources you may find useful include the following:

  1. A framework for developing an opportunity profile for course reps - a tool you can use to help think through how to articulate the role of course rep to students, in a way that is clear, attractive and understandable.
  2. A course rep lifecycle, from the point of view of the institution - to help you plan out activities that support and inform the course rep role.
  3. Mapping Your Rep Activities - a session plan that will help to gather information on the strengths and weaknesses of the current system as well as any opportunities and threats. It also helps you define what a course rep does at your institution and what they have to do to be effective in their role and who is responsible for what.
  4. Self-Assessment Tool - to help you break down the different policies and activities associated with course reps; it also provides a structure to identify areas for enhancement..

For more information on any of the above, please contact Eve Lewis.

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