Governance development

For student engagement to be a success, it depends on not only staff in all roles embracing the concept but institutional governors understanding it too.

In the college sector, we have worked closely with the College Development Network (CDN) on the development of its resources on governance for college board members. This includes collaborating on materials relating to student engagement in CDN's governance hub and "Get into Goverance" information suite, plus contributions to the regular national induction programme for new board members.

We also regularly engage with individual college boards, plus other key CDN forums such as the Board Secretaries' Network.

Our work in governance aims to introduce board members - especially lay members who may have little prior knowledge of the life and work of their institution - to the concept of student engagement. This includes boards' responsibilities for the student experience, the legislative and policy drivers that have put student engagement and students' associations at the heart of quality and governance, and how board members can work in partnership with students to enhance the quality of the learning experience.

An important part of such support is exploration with boards and their members how they can develop strategic approaches to student engagement and partnership through key national tools such as the Student Engagement Framework for Scotland and the Framework for the Development of Strong and Effective College Students' Associations in Scotland.

For more information, please contact Simon Varwell.

Student Engagement Framework

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