12 Apr 2022

Our Education officer “outduction” resource has been updated for 2022

sparqs’ “outduction” resource, which aims to support the career development of departing students’ association education officers, has been updated for 2022.

The resource was first published in 2021, in conjunction with Advance HE, College Development Network and NUS Charity. It is aimed at those who might contribute to the personal and professional development of education officers, such as students’ association staff, institutional managers, mentors and governing body secretaries.

Content includes exercises that consider the education officer role’s impact on different areas of governance, policy and student experience, and helps support a process that can guide the outgoing officer towards articulating the knowledge and skills they have gained in post and the impact they can demonstrate. The resource concludes with a short adaptable handout for officers themselves that lists various career and governance directories that might be of interest for those departing officers keen to apply for related roles.

Originally written with a strong focus on the pandemic experiences officers will have had, this year’s updated resource is a more general outline of how education officers can build a clear picture of their unique position and transfer this to a range of public, voluntary and educational roles.

If you have any queries regarding the resources, contact Simon Varwell, Senior Development Consultant – simon.varwell@sparqs.ac.uk – 07815 938966.

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