5 Apr 2024

Have your say: Suggest tertiary sector enhancement topics for the coming academic year

QAA Scotland, Education Scotland, College Development Network and sparqs are working together to design a programme of improvement and enhancement activity for Scotland's tertiary education sector. We are doing this to support the work to develop Scotland’s Tertiary Quality Enhancement Framework (TQEF) being led by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC).

The new approach will recognise the principle of ‘sector-owned enhancement’ – that is institutions are responsible for the quality of provision and the experience students receive. As part of this approach, QAA Scotland will facilitate the sector to identify key topics or themes for enhancement.  They are in the process of identifying potential topics for session 2024-25 and have been consulting with the sector through various meetings and events.

As part of this consultation, QAA Scotland would like to invite you to share your top priorities.

Whether you are staff or a student, and whether you are in a college, university, or sector agency, QAA Scotland want to know what you think are the hot topics facing learning, teaching and student experience in our tertiary sector, and why.  They suggest institutions consult with key partners in considering responses.

To start your thinking, you might consider the following:  

  • What are the current, or coming down the line, barriers to ensuring our students have the best possible learning experience?
  • What are our challenges as staff in the sector to enabling this to happen?
  • How can we support staff to thrive in their roles?
  • What are our current challenges and our future opportunities?
  • Where do we have the most to learn from each other?

How to contribute your views

Please complete the online form on the QAA website by Wednesday 24th April 2024.

The topic(s) for session 2024-25 will be announced in the summer.

Thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time to share their views. 

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