8 May 2024

Some prompts for planning for the year ahead!

A few prompts and reminders which might be helpful to students' associations and institutions around this time of year, some of which we’ve already flagged in recent articles….

Course Rep Training planning

As noted in our April news article about CRT planning, we will soon begin our annual process of contacting Course Rep Training (CRT) organisers within Scottish institutions/SAs to ask about their plans for CRT delivery in 2024-25. This process helps us to determine how sparqs can support institutions to get their reps systems in place for the coming academic year. We will be in contact directly in due course, but the article is a prompt for institutions to start thinking about their rep systems and CRT delivery plans for the coming year, if they’ve not already done so.

IAT recruitment

If you are part of our IAT scheme, employing your own team of IATs (Institutional Associate Trainers) to deliver your CRT, you’ll need to get your IAT recruitment underway soon, if not already in process. As noted in the April CRT planning article, your in-house trainers need to be recruited in plenty time, in order that they can be included in the sparqs’ residential training in late August. This year’s training is taking place from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th August 2024 at Queen Margaret University.

Induction and outduction of your education officers

As the turn of the academic year approaches, it’s a good time of year for students' associations to start thinking about plans for inducting their 2024-25 education officer(s), as well as the ‘outduction’ of those 2023-24 officer(s) about to finish their term. As noted in our April news article on induction/outduction we have updated our guidance documents to help with both of those processes.

That’s Quality! 2024 – save the dates and register your officers and SA staff

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for our 2024 That’s Quality! programme, our annual induction event for student officers and students’ association staff. The event is once again a three-part training course and attendees are required to complete the self-study module and attend both the online, half-day, session on Monday 15th July 2024 and the residential event on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th August 2024. Please think about which of your officers and staff need to attend and get them registered to attend and save the dates! 

We know it’s a busy time of year for everyone, so we just wanted to pull together a few key reminders in one place, so that they’re not missed in amongst elections and awards season and all the other competing priorities around this time of year.

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