19 Sep 2012

Enhancement Themes

sparqs has worked with QAA to produce a leaflet to be distributed to students through Course Rep Training. The leaflet aims to help students see how the national work of the Enhancement Themes can be useful to them in their work as a course rep and help the theme support change at the course level. The leaflet can be viewed here: http://www.enhancementthemes.ac.uk/pages/docdetail/docs/publications/developing-and-supporting-the-curriculum-student-leaflet

This forms part of a range of developing work with QAA to help students see how the Enhancement Themes can impact on their role in promoting positive change in the student experience.

The Enhancement Themes Student Network was formed to give support and skills development for students that are members on the institutions’ enhancement themes committees. Last year the network met twice and each time there was an opportunity for students to share with each other their experiences of working on Enhancement Themes with their institution. It is also a time for students to proactively think about the changes that need to be made at their institution and nationally to make Enhancement Themes better for students. Some of the ideas from the last meeting looking specifically at Developing and Supporting the Curriculum included: developing resources to reach a wider audience of students, getting accrediting bodies involved in programme reviews, more student involvement at the early stages such as writing a report or case study, and having specific student forums to keep Enhancement Themes relevant to their studies.

The Enhancement Themes Student Network will meet in the second full week of November 2012. This meeting will focus on how the student representatives are currently working on Developing and Supporting the Curriculum, as well as provide direction for the student members who sit on the Enhancement Themes national committee.

For further information contact Megan McHaney, sparqs Development Advisor on megan.mchaney@sparqs.ac.uk or see the sparqs website: http://www.sparqs.ac.uk/section.php?cat=105

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