19 Sep 2012

That's Quality!

This year, our That’s Quality! event held on 30th August 2012 saw some exciting changes. We encouraged associations to bring larger teams of participants including staff and designed the event to encourage teams to plan their priorities for the year together. We then helped them develop an understanding of how the different elements of the Quality Enhancement Framework; Enhancement-led Institutional Review, Institutional led Reviews, Public Information and Enhancement Themes, could be used to help reach their goals.

We had Professor Andrea Nolan, Chair of SHEEC, explain why student engagement was important from a staff perspective and Graeme Kirkpatrick, NUS Scotland’s VP Education, inspired the student officers about why their participation in quality at their university is vitally important. In the afternoon, there was a session for some sector speed dating, where representatives from QAA Scotland, Universities Scotland, SCQF, and The Higher Education Academy were all present.

There were eleven universities represented and each of them, except one, had at least two delegates. The participants said that they thoroughly enjoyed the event; they found it very interactive and learned a lot about the Quality Enhancement Framework and how its different elements work together, and can be used by them to change things at their universities.

A tweet from the day read “…. exploring positive change for the student learning experience! Interesting stuff!”

For further information contact Iain Delworth at iain.delworth@sparqs.ac.uk or 07974 305 692.

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