19 Sep 2012

Course Rep Training - pack for ESOL students now available

With the support of the ESOL (English as a Second or Other Language) Department at Stevenson College, sparqs has produced a training package for college tutors to use with ESOL students.

The training covers the main key areas of standard Course Rep Training, but does so in such a way as to also improve language and communication skills. It is designed to be delivered to the whole class to increase knowledge of the role of the course rep and an understanding of its importance more widely.

It is part of the standard curriculum and can be run in four, one hour sessions culminating in the election of a course rep.

The training pack includes session plans, trainer notes, a PowerPoint presentation and the resources needed to run the tasks during the sessions.

The training pack is available at http://www.sparqs.ac.uk/reps/section.php?cat=122

For more information contact Stephanie Millar, sparqs Development Advisor, at stephanie.millar@sparqs.ac.uk

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