12 Jun 2012

Course Rep Training for Students in Supported Education

The issue of supporting students with additional support needs to become engaged in the quality of their learning and teaching was raised with sparqs by several colleges. This led to a year long project exploring how this could be effectively achieved.

The project considered how to train students with additional support needs, but also how they can be better involved in wider college quality processes. There were two key issues raised during the project: the accessibility of course rep training and how students’ associations can better involve students with additional support needs.

Through working with Stevenson College staff and students, sparqs has developed a training session specifically aimed at students in supported education or with additional support needs. The session is two hours long and aims to enable the students to understand what a course rep is, how important they are to the college and what they do. It is an interactive session where they can practice how they would engage with their class and how to speak in meetings.

The resources consist of tutor notes, facilitator’s briefing, an evaluation form and a handbook for the students.

During the trial the training was piloted with several colleges and it can be delivered specifically to course reps but is ideally delivered to the entire class to support a wider understanding.

The training has been designed so that tutors or student liaison officer can deliver it, but sparqs would be pleased to provide additional support in the next academic year to facilitate sessions.

Further training has been developed for the students’ association to support the officers to recognise barriers to involvement for this group of students and to help the students’ association to engage more effectively with them. Consisting of tutor notes, a PowerPoint presentation and handout, the training lasts one hour and has been designed to be delivered within the college, but again, sparqs is happy to support any further development.

All of the training materials can be found at: http://www.sparqs.ac.uk/reps/section.php?cat=110

For more information contact Stephanie Millar, sparqs Development Advisor, at stephanie.millar@sparqs.ac.uk

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