12 Jun 2012

QUEST for Quality for Students Project

Led by the European Student Union (ESU) the QUEST for Quality for Students project aims to find out how students are involved in quality across Europe, what their views on quality assurance and enhancement are, and how they can be more effectively involved. The project aims to build capacity amongst students to ensure participation in quality is effective and meaningful.

sparqs is uniquely involved in the project as the only organisation in Europe which specifically focuses on involving students in shaping their learning experience.

sparqs ran the third and final workshop in Bucharest, Romania from the 4th to the 7th July 2012. The workshop had two streams running in parallel; one for experienced Quality Pool Members, the other for new members recently recruited.

The experienced pool members will be able to further develop their training or project management skills as well as examining different quality mechanisms in detail.

The new pool members will explore what quality means at both a European level and national levels as well as developing the skills they need to engage in the quality agenda.

For more information on the QUEST project please visit www.esu-online.org/projects/current/quest/ or the sparqs website at http://www.sparqs.ac.uk/sharingpractice/section.php?cat=80

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