5 Mar 2012

Enhancement Themes Conference - Developing and Supporting the Curriculum

sparqs will launch a video at its stall during the Enhancement Themes Annual Conference on 7th & 8th March 2012. The video has students from colleges and universities across Scotland taking about ‘How they would like to learn’ and ‘How they would like to engage with their education’. This work follows on from the NUS Scotland discussion paper outlining different factors that will influence the future student body and what changes may need to be made for them to make the most of their learning experience. This is one of the many ways in which we hope to develop student engagement with the theme, ‘Developing and Supporting the Curriculum’. The discussion paper will be available on the QAA website shortly.

At the conference sparqs will also be facilitating three workshops; one workshop will explore how to engage students with enhancement themes. There will be a workshop that will give participants a flavour of our ‘Staff Workshop’ which is specifically aimed at giving staff information on how to effectively involve students in quality enhancement. The third workshop will be facilitated by some of our Associate Trainers and will explore in detail the issues highlighted in the NUS Scotland discussion paper.

The student voice will be apparent at the conference through the plenary delivered by the student members of the steering committee. sparqs has worked closely with these students to support them in gathering and collating student opinion about the theme and has facilitated several events to this end. Some of the key points emerging from students are: less lectures and more hands-on teaching; getting to choose when, where and how you can study; better use of interactive technology; more international experiences; and more work experiences.

sparqs has been incredibly involved through various forums, with the Enhancement Theme, ‘Developing and Supporting the Curriculum’, which commenced this academic year. We are aiming to have as many students as possible engage with the theme both this year and the coming years.

We have run a workshop for student members on institutions teams, allowing them to dive into the enhancement theme and what it means for them at their institution. They were encouraged to form action plans that would engage the student body with the questions and ideas surrounding the theme and make it important at a local level. The student members make up the Student Network for Enhancement Themes and sparqs maintains communication between them and the student members on the steering committee.

More details of the range of work we are undertaking to ensure students are fully engaged with the theme will be promoted at our stall at the conference and we look forward to seeing you there.

For further information contact Megan McHaney, sparqs Development Advisor, at Megan.McHaney@sparqs.ac.uk

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