5 Mar 2012

Supporting Student Engagement in your school, faculty or department

sparqs’ consultancy theme on departmental representation has produced a new toolkit for universities, colleges and students’ associations.

One of the recent topics explored through sparqs’ collaborative, theme-based approach to its consultancy work has been departmental representation.

This draws on sectoral interest in developing practice at this crucial middle level, the conduit between individual courses and the strategic level. Often called faculties, schools or sectors, departments undertake vital work in managing and enhancing the quality of the learning experience, but student representation at this level can often lag behind the level of engagement at the course and institutional level.

By drawing on the perspective of a working group of staff and students throughout the university and college sectors, sparqs has developed a toolkit that aims to provide guidance and support to institutions who wish to develop or introduce representation at this level.

The toolkit explores the nature of departmental representatives and councils, and how they can be supported, engaged and rewarded. Good practice from around the sector is also provided. The toolkit can be downloaded from the sparqs website at: http://www.sparqs.ac.uk/consultancy/section.php?cat=57

For further information please contact Simon Varwell, sparqs Development Advisor, at simon.varwell@sparqs.ac.uk

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