27 Mar 2014

Launch of ELIR Cycle 3 Guidance

In the past month, sparqs has published its ELIR Cycle 3 Guidance. This guidance goes through each year of ELIR and each activity that could happen, making students’ associations aware of the big picture of ELIR rather than only focusing on the review. The guidance highlights that there are several ways that a students’ association can be involved in the ELIR process, and by having a productive relationship with the institution, the students’ association can have a huge impact on how the institution implements its recommendation from ELIR.

This guidance marks a change in the way sparqs supports students’ associations through ELIR. Previously, sparqs would hold ELIR days for officers that were in place during the review year. However, sparqs decided that this approach did not do enough to support students’ associations in the run-up to and follow-up from ELIR. No matter where your institution is in the cycle the guidance will offer valuable support.

The guidance was written for students’ associations’ staff, officers and institutional staff that support student engagement in ELIR or other quality processes.

For further information see our ELIR webpage or contact Eve Lewis, Head of sparqs: eve.lewis@sparqs.ac.uk

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