27 Mar 2014

SPOTLIGHT ON.... Fife College: using Facebook to enhance learning and teaching

Academics at Fife College have utilised social media to develop a vibrant online networking community to support learning and teaching.

The use of Facebook within Carnegie College was permitted several years ago but use of it as a creative and supportive tool really began during the bad weather a few winters ago when it was used to communicate with students unable to get in to the college. This gave staff an idea of how to use Facebook for more creative purposes and to develop platforms, for both staff and students to use, to develop learning and teaching practice.

Staff capacity and understanding of Facebook as a tool was developed over a series of lunchtime workshops where staff could explore the potential of Facebook and discuss concerns over using social media in this way. There were understandable concerns about using Facebook as a teaching tool, but these were overcome and Fife College now has over 60 Facebook groups of staff and students where they can communicate and share learning across subject areas.

Groups are used for a variety of purposes from delivering learning and teaching and for assessment feedback through to planning for articulation.

For further information you can contact Liz Foulis, Lecturer in Art and Design and a Curriculum and Quality Advisor, Fife College: lizfoulis@fife.ac.uk

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