18 Jun 2014

Student Partnership Agreement Success!

In November 2013, sparqs published its Guidance on the development and implementation of a Student Partnership Agreement in universities. Student Partnership Agreements (SPAs) are designed to help institutions map their student engagement activity, promote engagement opportunities to students, and to encourage an effective partnership between the institution and the students’ association. The guidance was intended to support universities along that process.

Just over six months later, we’re pleased to report on the progress of SPAs within the sector. So far, twelve institutions have either completed their SPA or have started the process of development.

Agreements have been signed off by the University of the Highlands and Islands, the University of Dundee and The Robert Gordon University, and others will be completed very shortly at the University of Abertay, Queen Margaret University and at the University of St Andrews, where it is known as the Collaboration Statement. Most recently, the University of the West of Scotland are discussing developing an SPA and sparqs will be supporting them throughout that process.

In the college sector, City of Glasgow College and Inverness College have agreed to begin the development of an SPA, and Edinburgh College will sign off its own very shortly as part of its Outcome Agreement process. We’ll then use the experience gained through developing SPAs in these institutions to create a version of the guidance more suited to colleges. We’re also pleased that Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), has agreed to develop an SPA with its students’ association, and that sparqs will be supporting them through that process, with their unique tertiary structure.

If your institution is interested in developing an SPA, please get in touch with Mike Williamson, sparqs Development Advisor, who will be happy to arrange a visit - mike.williamson@sparqs.ac.uk

For more information about SPAs see our webpage: http://www.sparqs.ac.uk/institute.php?page=128

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