29 Jul 2014

SPOTLIGHT ON.... Developing CRT at Perth College UHI

The sparqs Resource Library now contains four new submissions from Perth College UHI relating to the course rep experience, and we’re delighted to highlight them here.

Over a number of years, Perth College UHI has reflected on its course rep system using the sparqs course rep health check resource, and was able to make a number of enhancements as a result. Their reflections are contained in one resource library submission.


Two further submissions relate to the adaptation of sparqs’ introductory course rep training materials to create simple online games.

First, the Student Learning Experience (SLE) was developed by sparqs to be a core ingredient in course rep training.

The SLE allows reps to turn the often amorphous idea of their learning experience into a series of understandable bitesize chunks around which questions can be asked and input from students can be grouped.

Perth College UHI turned this into a drag and drop exercise whereby participants can test their understanding of the elements by attempting to categorise various statements about learning under the appropriate heading.

From actual delivery of this resource, it was found that students were using it to identify priority actions for enhancement based on ‘how many boxes’ in the SLE an item of feedback could relate to. This was an unintended use, but students engaged well with this and stopped worrying about ‘getting it wrong’, focussing instead on action.


A similar approach has been taken with the “before, during, after” exercise from sparqs’ introductory course rep training, whereby reps can test their knowledge of what tasks should be done before, during and after course committee meetings.


Finally, a role play exercise has been developed by the college, with realistic character profiles and dynamics, to allow participants to get a sense of the conversations and often conflicting interests that might arise in course committee meetings. The materials, which can also be delivered online, can be adapted to different group sizes.


Contact details are included within each resource. We are grateful to Perth College UHI for sharing their materials and experiences through the Resource Library.

If your institution has built upon or adapted sparqs’ course rep training materials, please let us know how you have got on and consider submitting them to the Resource Library also.

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