13 Oct 2015

Lead Rep Systems

sparqs is currently working on revising its 2012 Toolkit on Developing Departmental Representation. At the time this was ground-breaking work which brought together figures from the FE and HE sectors to discuss how lead rep systems might best be set up. Until now there have been a litany of names used to describe systems like these; departmental reps, school reps, programme reps, faculty reps.

Partly to avoid confusion, partly to focus on the real purpose of their roles, we are now using the term ‘Lead Reps’.  These are senior reps whose experience and knowledge puts them in a position to provide leadership to the wider community of reps, and to effect even more significant change.

To redesign the guidance we have formed a working group comprising college and university representatives, the first meeting of which took place on 28th October 2015.  If you would like to be involved feel free to contact Simon Jones, Development Consultant, at simon.jones@sparqs.ac.uk or 07469 354 246.

You can read more about Lead Rep systems on our Lead Reps webpage.

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