18 Dec 2015

Course Rep Training Co-ordinators' Network meeting - 17th February 2016

This academic year, we have thus far held two meetings with our new network for co-ordinators of Course Rep Training, with the third due to take place on Tuesday 26th April 2016.

Our first event of the academic year took place in November 2015, and focused on the ongoing training and development of course reps. Coming after the bulk of introductory training had been delivered around the sector, the day allowed for reflection on specific areas of skills and knowledge that course reps might require further training in. Practice was presented from the University of the West of Scotland and Forth Valley College, and sector-specific workshops were held on training course reps in university Enhancement Themes and the College Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey.

The second meeting of the network took place on Wednesday 17th February 2016, focusing on developing Institutional Associate Trainer (IAT) teams to deliver Course Rep Training in universities and colleges. The day explored the background and benefits of IAT schemes, and heard from City of Glasgow College’s experience of running such a programme. There was also be an opportunity for those interested in creating or developing a team to look in depth at the different steps that could be taken, the requirements, and the extensive support available from sparqs.

The final event of 2015-16, on Tuesday 26th April, will look at developing Course Rep Training materials, enabling participants to reflect on their year’s evaluation data to identify opportunities for changes and enhancements in their training material, as well as sharing experiences with colleagues from across the sector.

Please visit our Enhancing course rep activities webpage for more information on the series of meetings.

For further information please contact Simon Varwell, Development Consultant – simon.varwell@sparqs.ac.uk or 07815 938966.

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