12 Feb 2016

Recent successes in Armenia

A recent evaluation by the European Commission of the ESPAQ project in Armenia commended the contribution by sparqs saying:

"the contribution of sparqs, your Scottish partner, was highlighted by students as the most productive, motivating and helpful.."

The ESPAQ project is funded by the European Union’s Tempus programme, to enhance student participation in quality assurance in Armenian HE. In October 2015 we delivered training alongside ESU (European Students Union) to Armenian students, academic staff and quality professionals.

Then, in November 2015, we delivered a three-day workshop alongside ESU to equip students from several Armenian universities to engage in quality processes. The training developed student capacity, and by the end students in each university had identified some key projects to work on, and plans of how to implement them. These included the first legislation on supporting students with disabilities at universities in Armenia, and a student-run refit of the library alongside a student-led translation project to make Russian or English-language books available in Armenian.

We are pleased to be able to support these developments in Armenia. This work helps our staff develop their understanding and new skills and our international work is important in terms of generating income to supplement our activities in Scotland. We hope positive reviews such as this will further enhance our international reputation and open more opportunities in this area.

For more information contact Eve Lewis, Director - eve.lewis@sparqs.ac.uk

See our International engagement webpage for information on more of our international work and work across the rest of the UK, including other projects, international conferences and joint work areas.

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