23 Mar 2016

Course Rep Training Co-ordinators' Network

sparqs' support for co-ordinators of Course Rep Training (CRT) has continued and developed this year through its programme of networking events for practitioners. The third in this year’s series, which will focus on materials development, will take place in our Edinburgh office on Wednesday 26th April 2016.

As institutions begin to reflect on their year’s CRT activities and look towards next year’s delivery, now is a good time to think about how to approach the process of developing and enhancing training materials based on experiences and feedback from the past year.

Therefore the network event in April will focus on different tools developed by sparqs to support the enhancement of training materials, including presentations, handbooks, the aims and structure of training, and various methods of delivery including online training. Participants are invited to bring along examples of their materials and will have the opportunity to learn and share from each other’s CRT materials and development approaches. The day will also include a session on the development of online CRT at the University of Stirling.

See the event booking page to view the agenda for 26th April and to register for a place. 

Meanwhile, materials from our last event in the series, which focused on developing Institutional Associate Trainer (IAT) teams, are now available on our website. The meeting, held on 17th February, allowed participants to find out more about running their own team of student trainers for course reps, and included a fantastic set of presentations from staff and IATs at City of Glasgow College, whose successful IAT scheme enables delivery of training to hundreds of course reps a year. There was also an opportunity to hear about and offer comment on sparqs’ support to institutions running or looking to establish IAT schemes.

sparqs will look to further develop the series for the coming academic year, and the meeting on 26th April 2016 will include time to explore possibilities that match the needs of the sector.

To find out more about the CRT Co-ordinators' network generally, please visit our Enhancing course rep activities webpage or contact Simon Varwell, Development Consultant – simon.varwell@sparqs.ac.uk or 07815 938966.

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