23 Mar 2016

'Student Engagement in Quality' - our newly revised staff workshop

We have recently revised our staff workshop materials on “Student engagement in quality”, intended for staff who are involved in supporting the learning experience, such as teaching, support, quality and management roles. The workshop can be delivered by sparqs or the materials can be downloaded for delivery in-house.

The two-hour session explores and develops staff practice in engaging students in quality. It focuses on both the background and practice of student engagement across Scotland and gives participants an opportunity to both share their effective practice and identify potential action points.

It can be adapted to meet the particular needs or priorities of institutions, and is best delivered to staff in way which facilitates small group working, whether from across the institution or working in specific section or departmental teams. The workshop can also be used as part of institutions' staff development weeks or in-service days.

See our staff workshop webpage for further information, including the objectives of the workshop and all the materials, including presentation, tutor notes and exercises/tasks.

If you are delivering the workshop internally we would very much welcome feedback on the materials.

To talk through any of the above in more detail, or to request a session to be delivered by sparqs, please contact David Scott, Institutional Support and Development Manager at david.scott@sparqs.ac.uk.

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