5 May 2016

That’s Quality 2016: Residential induction event for university education officers - 12th & 13th July

Our annual 2-day residential induction event for university student officers with an education remit and students’ association staff took place on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th July 2016, at the West Park Conference Centre in Dundee.

The event aimed to equip delegates with the knowledge and ability to use the quality enhancement agenda to deliver change for their students’ learning and teaching experience.

By the end of the event participants were:

  • Able to describe the various elements of Quality Enhancement Framework.
  • Able to explain the roles of the different sector agencies and the support they can provide.
  • Able to explain how quality affects their students’ learning experience.
  • Aware of the current issues affecting the quality landscape (including the Teaching Excellence Framework).
  • Enabled to create an action plan to enhance their students’ learning experience

The event hashtag, for use on Twitter, is #TQ16uni

See the event page for  the materials from the day.

For further information please contact Hannah Clarke, Development Consultant - hannah.clarke@sparqs.ac.uk or 07966 104056.

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