5 May 2016

SPOTLIGHT ON.... College Development Network's 2016 Emporium: Inspiring Ideas

This year’s CDN Emporium: Inspiring Ideas - Developing the Workforce, running throughout the first three weeks in June 2016, is open for registration! With an emphasis on Developing the Workforce, the series of events creates opportunities to share inspiring practices and success stories from colleges, employers and students, and to discuss the way these ideas can shape the agenda to develop and transform the young workforce.

With events ranging from mindfulness to cyber-resilience, CDN wants to highlight the best of what Scotland’s colleges are doing to link up education with the needs of employers and how they are preparing their students for the workforce. The events are taking place from 1st to 17th June, at the CDN offices in Stirling and at colleges across Scotland.

Following the publication of Developing the Young Workforce in December 2014, the emphasis in Scotland’s education community has been to ensure a work-relevant education for young people. This means making sure our curricula, learning practices and the skills our young people gain prepare them effectively for the workplace.

As Wendy Grindle, Marketing Manager for CDN says, CDN are “at the heart of the work of the sector, for the sector”. Acting as a support network, and as the ‘go to’ resource for anyone working in or with Scotland’s colleges, CDN is bringing together this year’s Emporium: Inspiring Ideas to showcase the best of the sector.

With the impetus from the Scottish Government looking to equip graduates as best as possible with a work-relevant education and skills, Scotland’s colleges are vital providers of training and opportunities for academic advancement.

The Emporium not only aims to highlight the fantastic things Scotland’s colleges are doing, but also to provide examples and case studies of new practice. By drawing in a wide range of employers, many of whom have not been represented at the Emporium before, the series of events will also bring in fresh thinking and bright ideas to drive practice in the sector.

Finally, with such a variety of speakers and workshops aimed at a broad audience of practitioners, students and sector agencies, the Emporium will provide a vital meeting place of contacts and practice from across Scotland and beyond. With places limited, and registration open, it’s time to get signed up for the workshops!

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