19 Mar 2018

sparqs PGR project - call for contributors!

We are delighted to announce that, based on sector interest and demand, sparqs is commencing a project to explore and develop practice in the engagement of postgraduate research (PGR) students.

Over the coming year we will be looking at various aspects of PGR student engagement and producing a resource for use by the sector. We are seeking individuals to contribute to a working group that will advise and support this work. Those interested in participating might be academic or support staff with PGR responsibilities, PGR student reps, or students’ association officers or staff with PGR remits.

The focus of the project will be shaped by the working group’s input, but is likely to explore areas such as:

  • Individual engagement such as surveys, professional activities and supervisor links.
  • Departmental and graduate school decision-making.
  • Institutional level decision-making relating to the PGR experience.
  • Students’ associations and other formal representative structures.
  • National activities, including reviews, national surveys, policy development and the work of NUS Scotland and others.

The outputs of the project may include training resources, guidance, toolkits and case studies of effective practice.

Those interested in participating in this working group or who wish to find out more should contact Simon Varwell, Development Consultant - simon.varwell@sparqs.ac.uk - 07815 938966.

See our Engaging postgraduate students webpage to read more about this area of work.

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