5 Oct 2018

Making HGIOC work for you and your students - sparqs event on 5th November 2018 is open!

We are pleased to announce that bookings are now open for our 'How good is our college?' (HGIOC) event - Making HGIOC work for you and your students, taking place on Monday 5th November 2018 at CDN in Stirling.  

Following our That’s Quality! training with college officers in August, the event is designed to help college officers and SA staff  consolidate their knowledge and consider quality arrangements within the college to help shape their work plans for the rest of the year. The event will also offer the opportunity for officers to work with key staff from the college to build a shared understanding of roles and responsibilities.

We are inviting student officers and SA staff to attend this event for the full day, with a member of their quality staff invited to join from lunch onwards, for the afternoon session. 

The first part of the event aims to help inform student officers and students’ association staff about college quality arrangements, plan their involvement for the year and allow them to feed into upcoming sector meetings.

The session will support student officers and quality staff to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the quality arrangements.
  • Review and use sparqs engagement tools.
  • Work together to build a shared understanding of roles and responsibilities throughout the HGIOC process.
  • Shape work plans for the year ahead.

See the event booking page for further information, including recommended pre-event activity, and to register to attend.

For an overview of our support around HGIOC to date, please see our previous HGIOC update article.

For queries and further information, please contact Steph Kirkham, Development Consultant – steph.kirkham@sparqs.ac.uk - 07880192722

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