10 Oct 2019

ARC becomes SESN – and is open for registrations!

We’re pleased to introduce our Student Engagement Staff Network (SESN) as the new name for our Academic Representation Co-ordinators’ network (ARC) – and to open registration for our next gathering, on Tuesday 19th November 2019 at Dundee University Students’ Association.

Over the past few years, ARC has been a valuable forum for staff who support student engagement and academic representation activities to get together to discuss latest developments in the sector, contribute to the work of sparqs and other agencies, and share practice and challenges in a supportive professional networking environment.

Although originally aimed at staff who supported academic representatives in institutions and students’ associations, the network has been enriched by the participation of staff in slightly wider roles and the discussion of broader topics relating to student engagement in quality than simply the role of reps and rep systems.

To reflect this, and following a survey that gathered participants’ views on the value of the network, we have changed the name to the sparqs Student Engagement Staff Network (SESN). This also mirrors our new Education Officers’ Network (EON) whose first meeting is also open for registration.

SSEN will therefore welcome all staff whose roles involve supporting and developing student engagement; including academic representation, student engagement in committees, reviews, feedback and governance, and approaches to planning and celebrating student partnership.

The next meeting of our staff network under its new name will be kindly hosted by Dundee University Students’ Association on Tuesday 19th November 2019. We will engage, as usual, with the latest developments in college and university quality, plus discuss and shape sparqs’ work and hear two case studies relating to student representation.

The event hashtag, for use on Twitter, is #sparqsSESN

See the event booking page to view the agenda for the day and to register to attend on 19th November. 

For further information about the network, contact Simon Varwell, Senior Development Consultant, at simon.varwell@sparqs.ac.uk.

Wider information about the SESN, including materials from previous meetings of the ARC network, can be found on the SESN webpage

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