1 Jun 2020

A direct comms to current academic reps in Scotland

During week beginning 18th May, we sent out a briefing note FAO Course Reps to students' associations, for distribution to current reps (with an offer to tailor a version for any SAs wishing us to add their own logos and contact details).

The briefing note, for circulation to academic reps (course reps, faculty reps, etc.) was developed to thank reps for their efforts this year and to remind them that their representation work is still important, even at this late stage of the year and in the current unusual circumstances. 

While it's not our normal practice to produce materials of this type for direct communication with reps, we were keen to produce something which we felt might be useful for students' associations during the extremely busy period which we all found ourselves in.  

We are planning a similar resource that will support students' associations in their communication with the next cohort of course reps (for the 2020-21 academic year).  If there is anything that would be useful for us to include in those mailings, please do get in touch.

For further information, please contact Justin Walker, Development Consultant - justin.walker@sparqs.ac.uk - 07880 192722.


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