11 Jan 2021

A recap of our COVID-related resources so far

As the new year begins, an opportunity to recap on our resources developed so far in response to the challenges of the pandemic.  Some of the older ones may not be so relevant at this point in the academic year, but are available below for reference.

We have also developed a couple of resources in partnership with sector partners: 

Lastly, while not newly-developed in the response to COVID, these sparqs' resources are relevant in the current context:

  • Engaging students in online distance learning
    A guide for institutions and students’ associations on engaging online distance learning (ODL) students in shaping the quality of their learning experience. While not a newly-published resource, it may now be of more interest to the wider sector in the light of the COVID-19 crisis. 
  • Tool for developing a forum for students on online courses
    - a tool developed by sparqs when undertaking consultancy work with Hibernia College in Ireland, as featured in a case study in the above-noted sparqs' ODL guidance. Again, not a newly-published resource but worth highlighting in the light of the current situation. 


All of our resources, as well as a collation of resources from across the sector can be found on the resources page of our COVID-19 information hub.  While some are aimed at a particular institution's students, they also include information which may be useful to everyone.  

While the pandemic continues, we welcome any other tools you have developed on engaging students in the current changes in learning and teaching. If you have anything you feel it would be useful to share here, please contact us at admin@sparqs.ac.uk

In addition to the resources, keep an eye on our COVID-19 information hub for information on our wider response to the crisis, including all of our comms, events and other useful sector information.  The hub also contains a page for newly-added information, which we hope is useful for doing a quick check at any time, to see if you've missed anything new! 

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