29 Mar 2021

sparqs' COVID-19 course rep briefing on transitions

We have recently circulated our latest briefing note to course reps, part of a series of briefing notes and direct communications to course reps this year, to support their work and provide extra guidance for them during COVID-19.  This latest briefing note on the ongoing issues related to student transitions, focuses in particular around what will happen if students cannot learn certain skills or practical elements of their course, or in-person assessments cannot be completed.  This, and previous briefing notes can be found on the resources page of our COVID-19 information hub

Through conversations with our fellow sector agencies, student officers and staff, we know there is growing concern amongst students as to what is going to happen if certain elements of their course cannot be completed and what this will mean for their transition into the workplace or further study.

This resource is designed for course reps to use to engage in conversations with students and staff around student achievement and progression, to ensure the issues and concerns that students have in relation to successfully completing their courses are heard.

We have sent the briefing note out to all course reps that have completed course rep training delivered by sparqs, and we would encourage all students’ associations to send this on to any course reps who did not attend training, and to all course reps where institutions have delivered their own training.

If you have any questions about the resource, or the work sparqs is doing around direct communications to course reps then please get in touch with your sparqs contact.

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