29 Mar 2021

A recap of additions to our COVID-19 information hub

In case you missed them, a quick recap of some recent additions to our COVID-19 information hub (which aren't already the main feature of another article)....  

  • Save the date for our next NEON meeting on Thursday 20th May 2021
    Our regular, online, national officer network meeting for both university and college officers with an education remit. The meetings are a space for officers to network and work on issues together in a cross-sector capacity. We hope to welcome both outgoing and incoming officers to this meeting, and the agenda will be themed around ‘outduction’, handovers, etc.  It will take place online, from 10.00am until 1.00pm and bookings will open nearer the time.

  • A Resource for E-Moderators on Fostering Participatory Engagement Within Discussion Boards for Online Students in Higher Education – Student Success Journal
    This article by Australian academic Ameena Payne outlines five successful approaches for students in digital discussion boards. It will be useful for those who use discussion boards to support course reps in sharing their research into the learning experience, and the techniques could even form advanced training for reps themselves on how to use their own course-level digital spaces to get meaningful feedback from their fellow students.
  • Using Learner Feedback in Evaluation – Education Scotland
    A thirty-minute video, facilitated by Education Scotland, from one of CDN’s regular Virtual Bridge webinars. It features presentations from New College Lanarkshire and Dumfries and Galloway College on how they have successfully used sparqs and Education Scotland’s joint Toolkit for Effective Learning Engagement to support reps to generate feedback and data about the student learning experience during the pandemic.
  • Developing online active learning – The Educationalist
    The Educationalist is a newsletter about HE and technology, and this edition focusses on active learning: what it is, how works and how it can be created in a way that responds to students. Active learning is an important approach for student reps too, so the advice and resources here could be valuable in the training and support of course reps and others.
  • Resources and guidance for working with British Sign Language (BSL) users – University of Edinburgh
    - Engaging British Sign Language users is an important aspect of student engagement and inclusive communication generally, and these resources highlight ways of fully including users of BSL in online meetings and events.

Keep up to date with new items added to our hub

For ease of access, a reminder that our hub features a regularly-updated page collating the most recently-added items to the hub, whether events, sparqs' comms, sector briefings or resources.  So please visit that page whenever you want to do a quick check for anything new. 

As noted above, this article is a simple recap of items not featured in other articles within this batch, so if you haven't already read them, please do check out all those other articles, which feature..... information about our Easter closing, recruitment for our 2021-22 team of Associate Trainers, a briefing note on transitions for course reps, a new briefing note for student officers on the SFC Review, save the dates for our 2021 That's Quality! events, and our latest 'Talking Student Engagement' interview! 

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