Category 3 - Outstanding Academic Representative

This award is for an exceptional student in a representative role at any level, including course rep, faculty rep or senior students’ association officer, who has contributed to partnership in quality in the past two years



Megan McClellan ~ City of Glasgow College Students’ Association

Megan served two sabbatical terms at City of Glasgow Students’ Association, as Vice-President Learning and Teaching, then President. Described in the nomination as “a fierce advocate for students”, she was commended for shaping the college’s Mindful Timetabling policy, and her commitment to supporting the diverse student community at the college.

She is also praised in the nomination for her significant impact on the students’ association’s engagement with its membership, co-leading the association’s new strategic plan development and securing external funding to the tune of £7,000 for student projects. A very effective committee member, she submitted no less than 17 papers to college committees last year and was hugely influential within the Glasgow Colleges Regional Board and in the national student movement.


Kellyann McGraith ~ New College Lanarkshire Students’ Association

Kellyann has been the Students’ Association President for the past two academic years with the designation of ‘Student President for Wellbeing & Resources’. She is popular amongst students and staff due to her positive outlook, enthusiastic nature, and willingness to come out her comfort zone to embrace new challenges for her own personal development and the best interests of the students she represents. She has been involved in creating initiatives and promoting activities to make a positive impact on the wellbeing of students, using social media to create a culture of celebrating success and achievement in extra-curricular activity.

Kellyann sits on the College’s regional board to provide student perspective on strategic and policy matters that have future implications within the sector and can influence the learning experience of all students. Her nomination noted that she has embraced this challenge and has made positive contributions, facing any challenges with positivity and determination. Kellyann has deservedly been appointed the college’s Active Campus Coordinator and begins her new role immediately after her term as President.


Alexandra Knoblauch ~ The School of GeoSciences, The University of Edinburgh

Alexandra led the student reps on the Student Staff Liaison Committee for both the BSc (Hons) Ecological and Environmental Sciences degree (EES) and the 14 BSc and MEarthSci (Hons) degrees that make up the Earth Sciences degree stream (ES). As part of this role for EES, she proposed a Course Options Fair and led a sub-committee of the SSLC. The sub-committee was a superb example of a student staff partnership working in cooperation. Ideas were suggested by all members of the group, discussed and implemented. Students and staff worked together to organise and run the event, which created valuable student interactions for future students. The submission noted that the event could not have happened without Alexandra’s drive and quiet determination. It was a great success and will be implemented in future years.

In Earth Sciences (ES), Alexandra has been an efficient spokesperson for the undergraduate students and was instrumental in the design and development of a new, much needed, social space for undergraduate students since the return to in-person teaching. Proactively contributing to many student-facing events, Alexandra is a wonderful student ambassador!

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