Valuing the student contribution

This Feature of the Student Engagement Framework focuses on how it is important for institutions to aknowldege the remarkable effort and contribution that students make when balancing study, work, other commitments and various representational roles within their institutions.

The 'Representation and Partnership' section of the resource library contains lots of information relating  to this.


Two particularly good resources are:

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) - sparqs


sparqs have developed and published guidance on how the role of course reps can be defined by universities to meet the criteria for section 6.1 of HEAR (which relates to extra-curricular activity). It allows for a single but comprehensive way of recording every student's achievement in their university education. 


Recognition and Accreditation of Academic Reps Guidance - sparqs

A resource to help institutions and students’ associations develop practice in the area of recognition and accreditation of academic reps. The resource maps sector practice, shares case studies of effective practice, and provides practical approaches to challenges in this area.

(November 2015)


From the resource library page you  can also use the resource library search box where  you can input specific search terms such as -

'aknowledge', 'student contribution' or any other suitable criteria including Institution Titles and this will bring  up all information relating to your  search.

The Top 10 Most Viewed resources can also  be found on the resource library page.


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