Appropriate resources and support

This feature of the Student Engagement Framework focuses on the importance of addressing issues relating to continuity and sustainability and how it is also important to recognise that developing engagement opportunities and support requires particular sets of skills and expertise.

The 'sparqs Resources' section of the resource library contains a range of resources developed by sparqs to support institutions and students' associations.


Some particularly good resources include:


Guidance on developing a Student Partnership Agreement - sparqs

sparqs guidance for both universities and colleges on developing Student Partnership Agreements - a key tool in enabling continuity and sustainability across the years, regardless of the periodic changes in student officers and indeed staff.


Framework for the Development of Strong and Effective College Students' Associations in Scotland

The Framework for the Development of Strong and Effective College Students' Associations in Scotland is housed on a dedicated SA Framework website, which contains supporting documentation, including a Self-Evaluation and Development Planning Tool, useful links and information around the continued support offered by NUS Scotland and sparqs.

The Framework was developed by the Scottish Government, NUS Scotland and the Scottish Funding Council, and also endorsed by Colleges Scotland.  It was developed following the 2012 Griggs Report recommendation which set out a series of principles which it recommended for students' associations in the regionalised college sector. The report said students' associations should be sustainable, autonomous and appropriately funded.

Visit the Framework website for all the resources and more information:

From the resource library page you  can also use the resource library search box where  you can input specific search terms such as -

'support', 'regionalisation' or any other suitable criteria including Institution Titles and this will bring  up all information relating to your  search.

The Top 10 Most Viewed resources can also  be found on the resource library page.





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