Influencing the student experience at national level

This Element of the Student Engagement Framework is about the opportunities students have to shape the development of education policy at a national level, working with others to contribute to the success of the sector as a whole.

The 'Feedback and Review' and 'Representation and Partnership' sections of the resource library contains lots of information relating  to this.


A particularly good resource is:

Student Learning Experience Model - sparqs

The Student Learning Experience (SLE) is a tool that lies at the heart of many of sparqs’ resources. Launched in October 2023, this redeveloped SLE model was commissioned by the Scottish Funding Council as part of its Review of Coherent Provision and Sustainability. sparqs worked with students and staff to redevelop the model to provide a sector reference point where students’ interests are front and centre.

The new SLE model is designed to sit at the heart of conversations with students, enabling students and staff to work together to identify priorities to enhance the quality of learning. It plays a key role in Scotland’s quality arrangements and will continue to evolve alongside the tertiary approach to quality.


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Student Engagement Framework

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