Griggs principles

The 2012 Griggs Report was important for regionalisation because it set out a series of principles which it recommended for students' associations in the college sector. The report said students' associations should be sustainable, autonomous and appropriately funded.

The Scottish Government agreed with this recommendation, and at our Creating the Future conference in August 2013, the Scottish Funding Council announced the establishment of a working group tasked with creating best practice guidance on creating strong students' associations. The sector has been consulted widely on this, including a series of four Strategic Dialogue events held in April and May 2014 and three 'framework validation meetings' held in January 2015 to ensure the resource meets the needs of the sector. 

The resulting Framework for the Development of Strong and Effective College Students' Associations in Scotland was published in June 2015, housed on a dedicated SA framework website containing all the supporting documents to the framework and outlining the support to college students' associations being provided by sparqs and NUS Scotland.


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