Awards Category 2

A new initiative established by a students’ association in partnership with their college which has made the most impact on the enhancement of the student experience.



Enhance your Learning and Teaching Experience (ELATE) - Glasgow Clyde College Students’ Association

Glasgow Clyde College have introduced a college-wide approach to engaging students in the enhancement of learning and teaching. The student-led ELATE group which has representation from students and staff at the college identifies and implements effective and innovative approaches to learning and teaching. Although this is a new initiative it has already made recommendations for change which have been introduced – enhancements in E-learning, ICT, the Virtual Learning Environment, a joint bid with the college for the development of an e-learning suite and the development of a new student internet.



Engage to inspire - student delivery of staff development in practice – the perspective from college students’ associations - New College Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire College Students’ Associations

The engagement of staff is an important component in successful student engagement strategies. Much of this has been delivered in colleges and universities by staff themselves. The Students’ Associations of New College, Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire College led the development of staff development delivered by students. These sessions have proved highly successful and are due to be further developed for the coming academic year.


Shortlisted for an award

Partnership Agreement, professionalism and the domino effect - Edinburgh College Students’ Association

Forth Valley College Students’ Association and Forth Valley College Partnerships - working together - Forth Valley College Students’ Association

Stop and Review – a partnership between the Students’ Association and staff - Dundee and Angus College

Student Engagement Framework

National Education Officers’ Network meeting

6 Dec 2023

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Student Engagement Staff Network meeting

29 Nov 2023

This meeting of our Student Engagement Staff Network (SESN) for academic year 2023-24 continues our series…