Awards Category 3 (College)

The most effective course rep initiative in a college



Student Representation at Borders College

Borders College have enhanced their student chaired Faculty Councils which focus on driving change in learning and teaching. The Councils, which are chaired by a student from each faculty and are attended by the Students' Association Executive, focus wholly on learning and teaching. This process enables issues to be dealt with at the Faculty level but also enables issues that may be college-wide to be picked up by the Students' Association to be taken further within the college quality processes. They have been recognised as effective by Education Scotland in a recent External Review.



Forth Valley College Students’ Association Class Rep training

Forth Valley College have adopted a holistic approach to engaging with class reps to increase commitment and recognise the work that they do in terms of enhancing the student voice.

This approach has included:

  • A welcome pack
  • Tailored training opportunities
  • A motivational video from the college Principal recognising the value of course reps
  • Discounts on sports activities
  • Focus groups
  • End of term ceremony with an award for the top three class reps


Shortlisted for an award

Finger on the pulse: a City of Glasgow College class rep initiative - City of Glasgow College Students’ Association

Student Engagement Framework

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